des / 3des question

I understand that Hashcat is a tool for solving hashes, really fast by the looks of it. And I'm into RFID security, where I get to deal with the underlying crypto-algos. At the moment three algos is kind of interesting, DES/3DES/AES to me.

I my world, I've both plain & enc messages. Kind of easy, no salts nor nothing. Just encrypted 8bytes, and I want to use the interesting ideas used from modern pwd breakers like Hashcat, to reverse the key. Bruteforce is raw by nature.

What I'm looking for is sourcecode or a way being able to use the ideas & speed of Hashcat for my purposes. I stumbled here after I read the link below. I thinking in terms of calling Hashcat dll to provide with a possible solution. How do I do that? Making a new "-m " type? plugin?


Which is still bruteforce,and the link is down. Sad
Hashcat and Ocl/Cudahc are closed source software.
In your case, there seems to be no hash to crack, just raw encryption, which isn't what the software does.
Yeah, I was wishing for an opensource alternative, but thats me with no luck.
IN the proxmark3 community dealing with rfid sec, we usually have very small messages. Like 8bytes, which could be seen as a hash. Not so often they use a salt to a masterkey, but they do mix it up with a unique card id. So similar and yet not.
As I said already, you can't brute-forece AES or 3DES. The only chance is if there's a human involved in the crypto process. If a human chooses a password it's typically send through a KDF which is then uses as the cipher key. That means if you want a way to crack those systems you need to find out how the KDF produces the crypto key and explain it in detail. Afterwards we can add the same scheme/structure to oclHashcat.