Generate NUM random rules
You can not save the generated rule with -g

But there's a standalone utility that does exactly the same in hashcat-utils:

Quote:root@et:~/hashcat-utils-1.2# ./generate-rules.bin 2
@cr4zynou Yeah if you could stop saying complete garbage, and write correctly that would be really great, all your posts are incredibly painful to read.

You should really do some reading, even only the hashcat --help, so you wouldn't throw a '-p' parameter (which is waiting for a value) in the command line without knowing what it does. Or even worse, doubling that parameter and saying it solved the issue (and the only issue I see here is you not taking the time to RTFM basically).

Hashcat is a tool, an advanced one, you don't use such a tool without reading the manual (I could compare it to a chainsaw and hope you cut your hands because you didn't read how to use it, you would probably write less crap).