strange output statsprocessor
hey all,
i wanted to check the kind of passwords oclhashcat would be checking when i do a bruteforce for a 10 digit hex password so i put this in statsprocessor and got some strange output after the first 15 lines:

statsprocessor-master/src/sp64.bin --custom-charset1=?dabcdef --hex-charset --pw-min=10 infinitum10digithex2.hcstat | head -n 20

... (i cut the first lines to make the post shorter)

i have tried with 2 different hcstat files generated from 2 different 10 digit hex dictionaries one of which i hand made, and i have tried with only --hex-charset and only --costum-charset1=?dabcdef and as you see above with both. all the same.

if anyone here can see if i do something wrong please let me know.

You should always specify a mask, the --help says:
./sp64.bin [options]... hcstat-file [filter-mask]

the mask (filter-mask) is needed to tell sp64 where you want the --custom-charset1 etc to be used, something like this:
sp64.bin --custom-charset1=?dabcdef --pw-min=10 infinitum10digithex2.hcstat ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
bah! hey thanks so much, stupid error from my side.