Truecrypt keyfile support ?
Hi when will Truecrypt keyfile support be implemented in to oclHashcat as it would be useful in some cases ? If you have a Truecrypt container which requires a keyfile and you have that keyfile but need the password forced what options are there apart from otfBrutus(which is very slow in comparison) in cracking containers for Amd gpu's?

Bruteforcing up to a megabyte of data is a bad, bad idea.
As he wrote, the keyfile is password protected but available.
Sorry my mistake. A little misunderstanding. If you have an unencrypted keyfile and an encrypted Truecrypt container which requires that keyfile and a password to decrypt but you want to bruteforce the password in order to decrypt that container how would you do so in oclHashcat ?
I've been waiting for something other than OTFBrutusGUI to support keyfiles for years. Maybe one day...
There has not been a single request for this in years
I don't doubt some gave up like I did. I'd say it's a fairly niche audience actually looking for it, so it's not a surprise. I don't imagine adding at the least some crude support for passing a keyfile is difficult compared to everything that's been accomplished already. But if it were too simple, it'd probably be available already.

If there's no motivation, here's hoping for a bittersweet exploit when that audit for TrueCrypt is done...
I am assuming that there are no work arounds possible for those wishing to crack Tc containers even if they have the keyfiles using oclHashcat ? It's very frustrating knowing that the only other working alternative to this problem is using OTFBrutus, however, this is insanely slow when compared with what oclHashcat could do if it were to support passing Tc keyfiles.
please read here:
what atom means is that if there is no trac ticket ( ) for it with instructions ( see also ) it is very unlikely that it will be implemented.
So please open a ticket on trac and request this new feature (and mention as much information possible that could help, e.g. example .tc files + password + keyfiles, additional info about the algorithm and its limits etc)