8 Digit random Letters & Numbers MASK how to?
Is there a way to make a 8 digit long mask with Only UpperCase Letters and Numbers, so the password looks somthing like this: GF66IT9H, it can also look like this 9Z7XT8TR or like this XX66XRHO or this UIPFXXXC

how can i create a mask that makes 8 digit long password with random Numbers and Upper Case Letters? or is this not possible?
sure, just use the mask: -1 ?u?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
Nice, Thanks for the quick reply.
I have one more question though, so my code should look like this:

Example: oclHashcat64.bin -m 2500 -a 3 /myfile.hccap -1 ?u?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

and what is the -1 for also the ?1 is something i didnt know about, could you explain what it does? i just know the following ?u?l?d & ?s.
Quote:oclHashcat64.bin -m 100 -a 3 /my file.hccap -1 ?u?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

this is wrong. first, if you want to crack wpa (i think so be cause you are using a .hccap file) you need to use -m 2500. if you dont want to crack wpa but raw sha1, then you dont need to have you hashfile ending with .hccap.

what i dont get is the /my parameter. not sure why you are using it. you should omit it.

to understand masks check out this article: https://hashcat.net/wiki/doku.php?id=mask_attack
hi sry that code was just an example and i just made that up from my mind and was to lazy to copy/paste my actual line Smile, but ya i am trying to crack wpa so i should have copy/paste my actual code, but here it is

./oclHashcat64.bin -m 2500 -a 3 /root/Desktop/sendme.hccap -1 ?u?d ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1

I also edited the above post, sorry for the inconvenience and thx for your Help it Works.
Hmm, its me again and it seems like this mask doesnt work like it should. Why? i just watched the oclHashcat.log file and saw this:
TOP8545f73f    START
TOP8545f73f    attack_mode    3
TOP8545f73f    attack_kern    3
TOP8545f73f    benchmark    0
TOP8545f73f    benchmark_mode    1
TOP8545f73f    bitmap_max    24
TOP8545f73f    debug_mode    0
TOP8545f73f    eula    0
TOP8545f73f    force    1
TOP8545f73f    gpu_accel    0
TOP8545f73f    gpu_async    0
TOP8545f73f    gpu_loops    0
TOP8545f73f    gpu_temp_abort    90
TOP8545f73f    gpu_temp_disable    0
TOP8545f73f    gpu_temp_retain    80
TOP8545f73f    hash_mode    2500
TOP8545f73f    hex_charset    0
TOP8545f73f    hex_salt    0
TOP8545f73f    hex_wordlist    0
TOP8545f73f    increment    0
TOP8545f73f    increment_max    54
TOP8545f73f    increment_min    1
TOP8545f73f    keyspace    0
TOP8545f73f    left    0
TOP8545f73f    logfile_disable    0
TOP8545f73f    loopback    0
TOP8545f73f    markov_classic    0
TOP8545f73f    markov_disable    0
TOP8545f73f    markov_threshold    0
TOP8545f73f    outfile_autohex    1
TOP8545f73f    outfile_check_timer    5
TOP8545f73f    outfile_format    3
TOP8545f73f    potfile_disable    0
TOP8545f73f    powertune_enable    0
TOP8545f73f    scrypt_tmto    0
TOP8545f73f    quiet    0
TOP8545f73f    remove    0
TOP8545f73f    remove_timer    60
TOP8545f73f    restore    0
TOP8545f73f    restore_disable    0
TOP8545f73f    restore_timer    60
TOP8545f73f    rp_gen    0
TOP8545f73f    rp_gen_func_max    4
TOP8545f73f    rp_gen_func_min    1
TOP8545f73f    rp_gen_seed    0
TOP8545f73f    runtime    0
TOP8545f73f    segment_size    32
TOP8545f73f    show    0
TOP8545f73f    status    0
TOP8545f73f    status_automat    0
TOP8545f73f    status_timer    10
TOP8545f73f    usage    0
TOP8545f73f    username    0
TOP8545f73f    version    0
TOP8545f73f    weak_hash_threshold    100
TOP8545f73f    workload_profile    2
TOP8545f73f    limit    0
TOP8545f73f    skip    0
TOP8545f73f    separator    :
TOP8545f73f    custom_charset_1    ?u?d
TOP8545f73f    rule_buf_l    :
TOP8545f73f    rule_buf_r    :
TOP8545f73f    session    oclHashcat
TOP8545f73f    target    /root/Desktop/sendme.hccap
TOP8545f73f    hashlist_mode    5
TOP8545f73f    hashlist_format    0
TOP8545f73f    target    /root/Desktop/sendme.hccap
TOP8545f73f    SUB661bfc6c    START
TOP8545f73f    SUB661bfc6c    mask    ?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1
TOP8545f73f    SUB661bfc6c    status-after-work    6
TOP8545f73f    proc_start    1429701029
TOP8545f73f    proc_stop    1429702820
TOP8545f73f    STOP

i asume at the left side, after "TOP" are the hashes where it stopped am i right? but if so, then why is it using lowercase letters? i wanted Uppercase letters. pls can you help me out there?
you want the .pot file not .log file to see the hashes
(04-23-2015, 04:59 AM)The Mechanic Wrote: you want the .pot file not .log file to see the hashes

Ok, and how am i supposed to do that? because my Editor can't read the file its Empty....
i tried also this command but it says this. sry for being a noob pls help.

#./oclHashcat64.bin oclHashcat.pot
oclHashcat v1.35 starting...

WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 1 (�): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 2 (): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 3 (--force): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 4 (-m): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 5 (2500): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 6 (-a): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 7 (3): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 8 (-1): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 9 (?u?d): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 10 (/root/Desktop/sendme.hccap): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'oclHashcat.restore' in line 11 (?1?1?1?1?1?1?1?1): Line-length exception
Parsed Hashes: 11/11 (100.00%)

ERROR: No hashes loaded