"This copy of cudaHashcat is outdated." Workaround possible?

I am pretty new to this but I want to run oclHashcat on my very old computer that have a GeForce GT 9600 and I am only able to get the NV ForceWare 340.76 installed. So an older version of oclHashcat is needed, according to the readme of v1.30 it should work, "NV users require ForceWare 331.67 or later". But when I try to run v1.30 it gives me this message:

"ERROR: This copy of cudaHashcat is outdated. Get a more recent version."

Is there a way to get this working anyway since I wont be able to get a newer driver for my Nvidia card?
Easy, is your gpu listed here : https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus ?
If yes, it will work ; otherwise, don't bother.

For reference : http://hashcat.net/forum/thread-3641.html