Nvidia GTX 970 vs GTX 980
Hi guys,

I am about to upgrade my old card and I was wondering if you could advise me on based on your experience.

My setup is:
cpu: Intel i7 5820k 6 core cpu, 28 pcie lanes
ram: 32gb ddr4
mobo: asus x99-s
psu: seasonic platinum 1200w

I am trying to find out what would be the best way to go (bang for buck):
1. 2x gtx 970 + 1 more few months down the line
2. Single gtx 980 + 1 more few months down the line

I would mainly be looking at WPA handshakes and some other stuff like NTLM etc.

Graphs on this thread show only gtx 980 and I am wondering how does 970 compares to 980 and where it would roughly fit on those graphs..? I am wondering how much slower would gtx 970 be when compared to 980, rough % wise..?

I would greatly appreciate any advice and your thoughts.

Thank you,
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To compare the performance of the GTX 970 vs GTX 980, see