SuperMicro SYS-1028GQ-TRT
Hello Forum

the following new SuperMicro server looks quite interesting...
(see page 17)

- What could be the reason that the SuperMicro SYS-1028GQ-TRT doesen't seem to support as well AMD GPU (4 Teslas are supported in a 1U chassis!!)?

- Is there a way to install IB-network-adapters in this server (otherwise it cannot be used in cluster, at least to my knowledge)?


This chassis can only accommodate passively-cooled GPUs with rear-mounted PCI-e power plugs. Desktop GPUs with active cooling and top-mounted PCI-e power plugs will not work. Also look at the air flow. All of the heat from the GPUs is dissipated over the CPUs before being exhausted out the rear. So you would only want to use low-power GPUs in this chassis.

We've tested several 1U models from Supermicro and were not satisfied with any of them, which is why we do not sell them.

Also you mention AMD GPUs and Infiniband adapters... I think you need to catch up on the forums, as both of these are passé.