Is this suitable?
I was unable to find a reference card. I don't want to buy a card that'll end up having temperature issues!
That is the reference design card.
(07-17-2015, 05:48 AM)epixoip Wrote: That is the reference design card.

Well i'm retarded. Thank you for your help once again.
No place sells GTX 970 reference design online except for Best Buy, however they want 380$ before thx. After tax it's over 400$

What are your thoughts on OEM design that's similar to reference? like this for example:
Yeah, the reference design GTX 970 is a unicorn in the US. Not even I can get them, which is frustrating. I bought one from Best Buy just to have one, but I can't get them in bulk. They are a Best Buy exclusive Sad

I have tested the PNY 970 you've linked to, but I don't like the PNY 970 as much because it doesn't have slots in the rear to allow air in from the rear. It only draws air in from the blower itself. This works okay in an open air chassis, but not really for anything else.

Check out the following cards instead:

I was looking at the MSI card earlier and noticed the opening in the front of it. Wasn't sure if that's an intake or an exhaust port.
That's an intake port and it works extremely well in chassis like the Brutalis, as it allows the chassis fans to help with cooling considerably.

We also really like the Asus Turbo because it reminds us a lot of the Nvidia GTX 295 which was a brilliant GPU. But you may encounter a problem with the placement of the PCI-e power plug in some configurations.