WPA2 Bruteforce.
Hi Guys,

I am trying to brute-force my WPA 8 Char password, after successfully capturing the handshake and transferring it to a hccp file, I went on to calculate the time it would take to brute-force an 8 char alpha lower case password from (a-z)  using my GPU @ 80,000 H/s, which came up to 30 days and 5 hours which is a long time. Later on I found out that the default passwords for my type of routers have the letter (i) and (o) omitted so that narrowed it down to 24 chars powered by 8 which comes to 110 billion possible combinations. And when I started it up on oclhashcat it went dramatically down to 15 days. I still think 15 days to crack a default password is a bit long and I want to narrow it down even more. I kept on researching and found that the default password on my router doesn't have 3 consecutive letters for example  "aaa"bcced. "a" being the repetitive letter, so the question is whats the command on oclhashcat to be able to narrow it down even more. And please provide examples as I am new to this. I am so determined to crack my password I don't know why. but I enjoy doing things like that.


If you need to match such password policies you will need to use PACK https://thesprawl.org/projects/pack/
To skip repetitive letters you need maskprocessor and pipe the output. Use the -q option to specify number of repetitive letters