I was looking through the wiki and I couldn't find this hash algoithm specifically. Could you please enlighten me whether hashcat/oclhashcat is capable of working this algorithm?

If not, do you know another software that can?


Latest (as in GitHub snapshot) JtR Jumbo can do more or less any crazy algo, using a new dynamic format. It's NOT super optimized, nor does it use GPU (but it does use SIMD up to and beyond AVX2). But you can whip up all sorts of one-shot algorithms with it and it even creates its own self-test vectors on the fly.

$ ../run/john -test -form:'dynamic=sha512($salt.md5($password))'
Benchmarking: dynamic=sha512($s.md5($p)) [128/128 AVX 2x]... DONE
Many salts: 2825K c/s real, 2797K c/s virtual
Only one salt: 2694K c/s real, 2694K c/s virtual

$ ../run/john -test -form:'dynamic=sha256(md4(md5($salt).sha1($pass)))'
Benchmarking: dynamic=sha256(md4(md5($s).sha1($p))) [128/128 AVX 4x]... DONE
Many salts: 3431K c/s real, 3465K c/s virtual
Only one salt: 3262K c/s real, 3262K c/s virtual
Haha, nice!
InsidePro's HM was the first to implement this sort of thing, and it's good to see the competition isn't idling.
Wow, that's much improved over the old dynamic formats. Which only serves to remind me that I really need to find some spare time to work on my dynamic cracker.