New to HashCat , using cudaHashcat 1.36 , trying to crack a office 2007 'XLSX' hash.
C:\hashcat>cudaHashcat64.exe -m 9400 -a 3 -n 32 -pw-min=1 -pw-max=14 hash.txt -o cracked.txt

cudaHashcat v1.36 starting...

Counting lines in hash.txt
WARNING: Hashfile 'hash.txt' in line 1 (file-01.xlsx:$office$*2007*20*128*16*2a179<MASKED>c04765*bcad7<MASKED>b9d40*75be6<MASKED>5fcf8): Line-length exception
WARNING: Hashfile 'hash.txt' in line 2 (file-02.xlsx:$office$*2007*20*128*16*d532d<MASKED>ac9494*4009d<MASKED>81e01*c6c6e<MASKED>90e57): Line-length exception
Parsed Hashes: 2/2 (100.00%)

ERROR: No hashes loaded

Any suggestions on what i am doing wrong ?
FAQ: How do I extract the hashes from Office (Word, Excel, etc.) documents?
I was able to extract the hashes in the correct format by using script. I was also able to run a dictionary attack of 5 random charecter strings on the hashes but it seems the that dictionary file which i generated using PWGen 2.54 did not create all permutation of the passwords, ofcourse the password need not be 5 charecters long, however i know for these specific hashes they are. I reached an average of 16xxx H/s with dictionary and 17xxx with bruteforce ( without wordlist ). Right now i am trying to figure out a proper wordlist creator which will help me generate all possibilities dictionary file based on the charecter set i provide. Suggestions ?
Also, how to fix OpenCL.dll missing issue ? GPU is ATI Raedon x1950 ( another machine ).
Year 2006 called, they want their hardware back. That ancient stuff is not supported.
first of all, --username option is needed,
and mask | maskfile too
Well, I got it working. Seems like the hash format which I was using ( extracted using ) was not being recognized by HashCat. So this time I used to extract the hashes.

Now I want to try using dictionary with bruteforce, my benchmark is at 17,000 H/s average.

Suggestions on a good dictionary creator ?!?

I tried crunch, made a 376 gig dictionary file on a 500 gig pocket drive; next day that drive was toast. Big Grin