wrong temperature assignment

Today after updating one of my rigs i noticed that oclHashcat does not read right temperature.
Build: 4x HD 5970, ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS, oclHashcat 1.36, Catalyst 14.9

What happens:

I start cracking with device 1 and 2 only.  Speed.GPU.#* is reported properly, while HWMon.GPU.#1 and HWMon.GPU.#2 are actually from devices 7 and 8 (% Util, temp and fan).
Generally, it is not a problem as i allways use all GPUs- watchdog see all cards-, but i do want to know if there is something i can do about it.
I noticed this today while performing performance check- as after every update (1.31 --> 1.36)

On left, hashcat 1.36, on right my custom temp/fan reporting script.
It can be seen what i descriebed above (note: in my temp/fan script, numbers are inverted!)

[Image: screenshot-from-2015-07-.jpg]
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I did new system setup, problem keeps occuring
There's no reliable way to match the order GPUs appear in OpenCL to the order they appear in ADL (though we do attempt to be smart about it), and neither order corresponds in any way to the physical order the cards are in. It's just "one of those things."
Either i misunderstood you or you misunderstood me.
I wanted to say that hashcat does not read correct temperature and fan sensor- look at hashcat output:
From speed it is visible that card is under load, but it says util 0% and temperature is what is normal for idle.
On right (temp/fan output) i wanted to show that card is really under load- higher temperature than other 3 cards on idle and RPM.
I wanted to say that hashcat was not reporting temperature for correct card. When temp was near 80, hashcat still showed 42 and 45°c.

Thank you for reply!
I understand you fine, it is you that did not understand me.

oclHashcat uses OpenCL and ADL (ATi Display Library.) It does not read any sensors. It receives a list of devices from the OpenCL platform to learn about the available compute accelerators, and it receives a list of devices from ADL for monitoring load/temp/fan. However, the order of both lists are arbitrary and the device ID's do not correspond with each other. Further, there is no reliable way to match and OpenCL device ID with an ADL device ID. We can only make educated guesses.
Oh, now i get it Smile
Thanks for explanation!