Can I Use Hashcat to Find Bitcoin Private Key?
I have a bitcoin private key (private address) that I think I may have misscopied a character or two in.  Is there a way to use hashcat to try and find the error/errors?

For the sake of example, the private key is 51 characters long, like this:


and I think I may have messed up a character or two, like:

"5KXp7ShWbGGggjfihAEjkTujQ7tsv3kihBFYNbhxyiYxj7tPNMn" (In this example a "J" became an "f"; a "z" a "v" & a "P" a "Y")

So now when I try and import the private key to Bitcoin Core or Armory or Electrum I get a message that says something like: improperly format address.

Is there some way to try and figure this out?