Why cant i crack shit?
I literally can crack only a small percentage of hashes... i have 18.6GB Dic's in total, is the problem i dont have good/enough DIC? would anyone recommend/link any DIC's?
It's more likely something else isn't quite right. Generally even a fairly small dictionary will crack quite a few. Look at what you have cracked, and see if you can see any patterns. For example, the eharmony hash dump contains only uppercase letters, so using rockyou, best64.rule and an "upper.rule" that you make yourself, containing only "u", will crack probably > 50%.
thanks, I can crack a lot of (in my opinion) IPB vB etc, but then when it comes to like SHA-1(1 DB in particular) i cant crack shit all
Sounds like your hashes are not SHA1 or you have a bad export, maybe with salts missing.