Error ? --pw-min is a reserved parameter for Prince attack mode
Hi guys,

i just downloaded this program today. I loadet some hash pw into the program and I started it. But first of all i get an Error Message of  --pw-min is a reserved parameter for Prince attack mode. I change some paramter but always the error appear on my screen. Can anyone help me ?

I got a second question.

Is it possible to crack md5 Hash pw´s ? I sniff some with Wireshark and i only get the hash values of the pakets.
Post your command line so that we can see what is wrong with your syntax.
From the --help output (and wiki and forum and ...) you can easily see that the options you are looking for are:

--increment            Enable increment mode
--increment-min=NUM    Start incrementing at NUM
--increment-max=NUM    Stop incrementing at NUM

This is the case for oclHashcat and also cpu hashcat (since more than 1/2 a year, see ).

increment mode works the same way for cpu hashcat and oclHashcat, i.e. no increment by default, but if you specify --increment (ocl)hashcat starts to increment from length 1, unless you did specify the --increment-min option.