Ignore rubbish in hashlist
So this feature, it may not be as awesome as WPA, but I think it still will be useful if implemented.
I ask to implement this feature for plus, since it's already implemented in hashcat.

So, the feature:
1. If the hashlist has crap, like hashes of different length, hashcat ignores all the wrong stuff, and only takes the proper. Plus doesnt wanna start if hashlist is like that.
2. HC prints the rubbish before start, useful for cleaning. Plus doesnt.

Should be useful, even though it wont affect the speed of hashcracking.
I would also *LOVE* this feature!

As i use HC+ for almost every run i do and also often run a huge mix of hashes, lots of weird stuff has gotten into the hashlist and this feature would make it much more easy to clean that out.
will add it Smile
oh, exactly for this, i've written a small tool in c#.
It's able to delete corrupt lines, delete duplicate lines, bring the lines in another format, export only salts/hashes (also, in hex), etc etc.
If someone's interessted, i could upload this.
(btw I first made this for myself, so i would say it's still in alpha/beta Tongue )