How to obtain hash value from rar archive
After some googling I still do not know how to obtain an hash from a RAR achive...
I am already using jonh ( CPU)  + the "rar2jonh" generated file and slowing waiting ...
My idea would be to try hashcat or oclhashcat ( I have an AMD GPU ) to compare

I already tried to use the "rar2john" script but hashcat / oclhashcat report the hash file with the error "incorrect line size"

My RAR archive is a multiple volume one and the filenames are not encrypted. 
rar2jonh an jonh reports something like [RAR3 AES SHA1] 32 /64 hashtype ...

Is this type the "12500" hashcat id mode ?
Or this mode is reserved to "RAR-hp" only ?

The simple question is : how can I get / calculate the hash from an arbirtrary RAR file to serve as input to hashcat ?
Thanks in advance
any luck with this?? I am in the exact same position
RAR-hp means it will only work if filenames etc are encrypted as well