Question about oclHashcat CUDA on OS X
I guess my point was, it's probably not going to happen. There are a lot of variables to make it work across hardware releases, and the amount of time that would need to go into the dev work doesn't justify the 20 people that are running it. You could (as I do) run linux on your mac(insert hardware type here).
Radix, you reckon the number of folks wanting a mac native port is that low (relatively speaking - not absolute numbers)?

Curious as to what type of mac and which flavor of linux you're running. I'm swimming in mac pros, and would be looking at loading them up with 970s & hashtopus.

I'm using a mac book pro with debian. Works great.

20 is totally a made up number, but the fact is that, while mac's are becoming more prevalent in the security scene, the requirement to support it kind of isn't. People have proper setups at work or where ever. I can tell you, running cudaHashcat on a gt450 makes it practically unusable which doesn't work. Also, with the points I brought up before, it's just not worth the time that would have to go in, and the tweaks for every release of OS X that apple decides to stray from the standard library or sdk for. In some cases, CPU ends up being faster because of X function that isn't implemented in their opencl library, or cuda library.
Wow, that's unfortunate - but thanks for the tip on debian. I'll look into getting that up and running.
Yeah, tell apple to stop being massive cock gobblers and maybe it could work. Again, assuming they continue to use AMD/NVIDIA. It's hit or miss what will end up in the latest status verification object.