oclHashcat on MacBook Pro
I thought I'd try to see if I could run oclHashcat from Terminal on my MacBook Pro. It has anĀ NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M and I was wondering if it would work. I installed CUDA, downloaded Hashcat but only got these error messages:

Rons-MBP:~ rl$ /Users/rl/Desktop/cudaHashcat-1.37/cudaHashcat64.bin --help
-bash: /Users/rl/Desktop/cudaHashcat-1.37/cudaHashcat64.bin: cannot execute binary file
Rons-MBP:~ rl$ /Users/rl/Desktop/cudaHashcat-1.37/cudaHashcat32.exe --help
-bash: /Users/rl/Desktop/cudaHashcat-1.37/cudaHashcat32.exe: Permission denied

Can anyone shed some light? Thanks.
There is no oclHashcat binary for OSX (You just tried to run the Linux binaries)
Use Linux. For more information, take a look in wiki: