Cracking 16 digits wi-fi
Hello everyone,

I'd need some advice before attempting something useless.
I'm trying to crack a Wi-Fi network and I know for sure that the password is 16 chars long, digits only.
Since it's a digit one, randomly generated, I think that the only option is bruteforcing. When I started I thought it wouldn't be so bad: after all they're only digits.
Then I looked at the ETA and.. ugh! it's more than 10 years, with a current speed of ~ 41000 H/s.

The problem is the the speed or it's just something impossible to achieve?
Nothing is impossible, speed is always the problem. But you're not going to be able to afford enough hardware to crack this.
Keyspace is 10^16, do math.

10^16 / 41000 / 31556926 = 7729 years

Working backwards,

10^16 / 31556926 = 317 MH/s to crack it in one year


10^16 / 31556926 / 316000 = Cluster of 1003x Titan X to crack it in one year
with some easy math tricks you can kickass the keyspace to a little more then 60% of original , its of course a lot , but more tricks maybee bring it under 50% ... by dropping shit like 1111-2222-3333-4444-5555 and much more rulez its possible,,,