Loading a salt file in oclHashcat?
I'm new to hashcat and trying to get an answer to what I assume is a fairly simple question, but searching and reading through the wiki has turned up nothing.

I'm trying to crack a number of salted hashes (sha1($salt, $pass)), and I know the salt and that the passwords are between 5 and 7 characters in length. I've got most of them with straight attack using the cpu version of hashcat, and am now switching to using masks. I was successful at cracking one or two using:

hashcat -m 120 -a 3 [path to hash file] ?a?a?a?a?a -e [path to salt file]

However, moving to six and seven characters is going to take far too long with the cpu, so I want to use ocl and take advantage of my hardware. 

My problem: looking over the options in the wiki, oclHashcat doesn't seem to have any way to specify a salt file like the cpu version does (using -e). Is there some other way to do it, or does oclHashcat not need a salt file for some reason I'm missing?
The hashfile needs to be in hash:salt format for oclHashcat