rar2hashcat anywhere?
So I'm using rar2john to get the hash of a rar to use with oclHashcat 1.37
I get the Line-length exception 
ERROR: No hashes loaded
The hash that john gives is quite different from the one on the ocl hash examples (taken from the wiki - not a real hash): RAR3-hp $RAR3$*0*45109af8ab5f297a*adbf6c5385d7a40373e8f77d7b89d317
the hash I get is like 

Being that the rar function is quite new, I can't find a lot of threads and examples of how to go about this..Does anyone know how to fix the rar2john hash output to use for ocl ?
Same here, RAR-hp means it will only work if filenames etc are encrypted as well
Is oclHashcat not possible to crack $RAR3$1*...hash now?
It wil be awesome that oclHashcat crack every $RAR3$[0-1] hashes..