OCL throwing errors and works
my OCL throws the following error no matter what i run:

HWMon.GPU.#1...: -1% Util, -1c Temp, N/A Fan
WARN: ADL_Overdrive5_CurrentActivity_Get(): -5
HWMon.GPU.#2...: -1% Util, -1c Temp, N/A Fan
The machine has 2 r9 cards.

the tool  does work and crack passwords, but i can't help think it might be warning me about something i should repair.
also, it might slow it down, and i need it to run at full potential.

Please assist!
thank you!
ADL is for temperature & fan speed monitoring, which is why you're seeing -1C temp and N/A fan. Does not impact cracking in any way.
so simply my fan isn't reporting to the MOBO, or something similar?
thank you!
You have an R9 card which should probably be an Overdrive6 card, but it's not reporting that it's Overdrive6 capable, so oclHashcat is attempting to communicate with it via the Overdrive5 API, but that's failing. This is actually quite common with janky OEM design cards that do not properly implement Overdrive6.