oclHashcat cannot crack NT/LM hash?
I have used Cain and Abel to extract the system's LM/NTLM hashes. 

LM Hash: AAD3B435B51404EEAAD3B435B51404EE
NT Hash: 63BF854993F377F7F911343DD3864341

The real password is "@a1234567" (without double quotes)

I used mode 1000 and -a 3 to crack it. It exhausted cracking... Anyone knows why?
the ntlm hash for your password is 8E066685EF3164FCC65DA14DFDF89535
Could you please tell me how to come accross the NTLM hash with the LM and NT hashes I got?
Is it by some calculations?
I know the NTLM hash of "@a1234567" is "8E066685EF3164FCC65DA14DFDF89535"
However, it seems to me that it does not match my NT and LM hashes got from the Cain and Abel.

After reading the article epixoip provided, it seems to me that the NT hash I got should be NTLM hash. Can I say Cain and Abel got the wrong hash? After getting the hash from registry following the instructions of the article, the NT hash I got is the same, but not "8E066685EF3164FCC65DA14DFDF89535"