output which wordlist the password was found in
it'd be great if there was an option to have hashcat output which wordlist it found the passwords in. this would be useful to determine which wordlists have a higher success rate and move those to the beginning of the search.
never heared about such an request in the past. the experienced hashcracker usually knows which dictionaries are good and which are not.
JtR outputs this in it's log, along with the rule being processed.
Both of these are very useful:
1) To know which rules are actually producing results!
2) If there's a crash, to allow restart knowing which dictionary was processed last.

The second is obviously applicable to the oclHashcat-plus "folder" option.
For some time I've had a JtR front end that performs a similar function - incredibly useful for those of us who have divided our dictionaries into manageable pieces... (20MB)
if i ever add something like a .log file, i will add the dictionary name. but just because of that, i will not start with a .log file generator. this would have a huge impact on the source. however, if you want to find out which rule cracked a password, you can use the --debug-mode parameter in hashcat cpu. in gpgpu based computing this information is not present on cpu so it cant be written to an output file.