oclHashcat Benchmark r9 390x
oclHashcat Benchmark r9 390x

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The 390X is not a new card -- it's just a rebranded 290X.
290X Different 390x crack WPA / WPA2

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WPA /  WPA2 Hashcat benchmark
Radeon R9 290X   163100   hash/s
Radeon R9 390X       ?        hash/s

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You can probably expect largely the same result, maybe bumped up slightly as the 390x is factory clocked higher out of the box. Other than that the architecture and number of cores is exactly the same, so I wouldn't expect much difference in the hashing performance. The extra memory probably won't come into play either, since hashing hardly uses any graphics memory.
The 290X and 390X use literally the exact same GPU chip. There is zero difference in performance. The 390X might ship with a slightly higher clock, but you can bump the clock on the 290X just the same. They are literally the exact same chip.

Furthermore, fuck AMD.
oclHashcat support r9 390x? Yes or No
Technically no, but also technically yes. 390X doesn't currently work with 1.37 because AMD assigned a new codename to the product, so oclHashcat can't map the codename to the appropriate kernels. But other than that, all of the other code is there to support it since it's just a 290X. The next release of oclHashcat adds the appropriate mapping for the new codename.

And you could have found this information by searching the forums. So I'm closing this thread because it's entirely unproductive.