CPU and GPU in same box?
What is the wisdom (or lack thereof) in building a single beefy box for both GPU and CPU based cracking?  While it seems expensive, it also seems cheaper than building a dedicated CPU oriented box and a dedicated GPU oriented box...not to mention it will take less space.

My use case is regular internal password audits with fewer than 2000 accounts and I'm really only looking for the low hanging fruit so I can then educate those users on how to choose better passwords...I don't need to get every hash every time.  I do expect, however, that the device will run 24x7 most of the time, however, as I refine my own skills and the skills of my team.

Thoughts?  Is this approach doable or am I just asking for problems and/or wasting money where I'll likely get frustrated and end up building a dedicated CPU box anyway?

Thank you all in advance for sharing your knowledge and advice!
Rolf will chime in and say that GPUs beat CPUs in terms of performance/$ and performance/W, so running a pure CPU cracking box for a bunch of generic hashing algorithms isn't very efficient.