Tri-MD5 Decrypting
Sorry if this should be in another place but I'm using cudahashcat and this seemed like the most appropriate forum.

My problem is rather specific. I am trying to crack an MD5 hash but the problem is that it contains multiple hashes. The full formula is

Does anyone know the best way to approach this? I know the variables for everything inside the hash (except the original passphrase) I just don't know how to do this since in the mode I can only see md5($salt.md5($pass)).

So if I get this formula right you have a md5 hash that you can crack with hashcat.
the "plaintext" after cracking would be 2 md5 hashes + a salt in the middle.
Since we know the length of a md5 hash you could start cracking the first 32 chars and the last 32 chars.

As I said, not sure if this is right or if its what you asked for.
But I'm 100% sure that this is not the fastest way.
Forget that, you can't BF 16^64. The only way is to add the scheme to oclHashcat directly, but there are some requirements. Check out this article: