what am i doing wrong?
Im trying to get the out put of the cracked hashes like this:
U: P
U: P
U: P

But there coming out likeĀ 
U: PU: PU: PU: PU: P

its doing my nut in lol
try a different file editor to view the output file, like notepad++
right done that... notepad++ works in putting them in to a list but how do i save them to that format? everytime i try it reverts back to the old way
simple answer, don't use notepad.exe
fair enough... last question.... Why am i only cracking 1007 out of a 20,000 long list? Am i typing in something wrong

hashcat.exe -m 0 -a -1 --username --show -r combinator.rule -o cracked.txt --outfile-format 2 hashed.txt