Praetorian's d3adhob0.rule
A few days ago there was an announcement about "Hob0Rules Released: Statistics Based Password Cracking Rules"

A quick glance showed that 22,220 of the 57,540 rules are the classic 2010 KoreLogic style rules,
$0 through $9
$0$0 through $9$9
$0$0$0 through $9$9$9
$0$0$0$0 through $9$9$9$9
and then again cased by "c".

(The sequence of lines
can be seen twice.)

I think that Praetorian should have packaged the basic append one though four numbers rules separately,
as they are nothing new, and something everyone will or should already have.

Figuring how many of the remaining 35,320 rules overlap with other rule sets out there won't be as
easy. Does anyone have any analyses they've done?

Has anyone tried using them, and seeing if any previously uncracked passwords were found?
I quickly checked, looked like nothing new or special.
Yes, looking over the rest of them, they seem like 2010 KoreLogic rules.