How to work with polish letters

How to insert some of the polish special letters ?
Is there something like "?d" ou "?l" for special (accent) letters ?

You can use special polish letters in custom charsets, like -1 %letters% and then use them in a mask, say, ?1?1?1.
sorry I forgot to mention : I don't know if my special letters are taken into account because of this strange charset written :

[Image: 1131791462.png]

cmd line :

[Image: 1131791611.png]

And a have the same strange output with OCLhashcat of course.
For this to properly work, you will need to save the cmd in utf-7 charset or in system's native, and then to read the outfile with those.

It's pretty easy for me to do with EmEditor, and I made oclhc work with russian charsets.
I saved it in UTF-8. Is it good too ?
no, iirc utf-8 did not work.
dont ask me why, this was just my little experiments.
I don't have UTF-7.. I have the choice between :
Unicode Big Endian

Which one should I use ?

Does not work as expected Sad
then try doing it this way:

chcp 65000
oclhc.exe bla bla bla

Basically, just add chcp 65000 to the batch file and see if anything changes.