hashcat generated dictionary

first of all.. great great tool Smile

I'm trying to audit a network and i presume the password of the wpa is created with just a few letters and : a,s,f,h,l,p,r,s,t and numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9)

i've tried to create a dictionary with the word "asfhlprst0123456789" and i'm running hashcat with "-a 4" option (permutate)

yet, it says my dictionary doesnt contain any words and also it doesn't generate all the combinations with those letters / numbers

Thanks in advance
i think you have a wrong understanding of ahow the permutation attack works.

this is a permutation:


what you want it to do a bruteforce with the charset asfhlprst0123456789. whats missing is the length. in case you know it you an use maskprocessor and then pipe its output into oclHashcat-plus.
Thanks man!