WordPress Hash
Hey there,

The wiki suggests -m 400 for WordPress Hashes, but if I look at example Hashes of 400 they kinda look different.

my example hashes that I believe are generated by WordPress all start with $P$B. The example hash of the wiki starts with $P$.

So my question would be, if someone here knows if they use a new algorithm and/or if I can still crack the $P$B with -m 400?
400 is the correct mode. $P$ is the hash signature, the "B" you are referring to is not part of the signature. That character is the cost factor specified as a single hex character. The example hash on the wiki specifies a cost of 9 (2^9), and your hash specifies a cost of B (2^11).
That was fast.
The cost factor has something to do with the iterations used, doesn't it?
Yes, your hash has a cost of B, so 2^11 = 2048 iterations.
Alright, thanks Smile