oclHashcat version 2.10, FPGA support?
As atom said, oclHashcat v2.10 adds supports for FPGA. Does that mean that just run the OpenCL kernels on FPGA?

Running oclHashcat on such device?

[Image: 6971-11752-original.jpg]

As far as I am concerned, the biggest FPGA company Xilinx doesn't release any software that supports OpenCL. Maybe in the future, the SDAccel of Xilinx can run OpenCL on its FPGAs. 

I'm not familiar with Altera, and I think the performance of Altera's FPGAs is lower than Xilinx's FPGAs.

But so far, is there any instance of running oclHashcat on FPGA or some guides to do this?
Latest oclHashcat beta (on github) supports all OpenCL platforms and all OpenCL device types. If the vendor of that FPGA provides such a OpenCL runtime, it should work. If it does, tell me Smile
Fascinating. What are some hashcracking advantages FPGAs have over traditional GPUs?
They have the potential to be faster for slow hashes, and single hash brute force against fast hashes. The drawbacks occur when you start talking about anything involving memory (multihash, wordlist attacks, etc.) So they can be useful in certain scenarios, but it's a much narrower use-case than with GPUs.