combining dictionary with digit mutation in hashcat plus
except the preprocessing.
(10-07-2011, 11:59 AM)fast_checkmate Wrote: Thanks Rafe, your solution is good, i'm gonna give it a try
But i'm also interested in creating rules for hashcat..
Since it's (almost) impossible to crack 10 characters passwords using bruteforce and since nobody uses 10 random letters as a password, the combination of dictionary and rules is the best approach

Atom, thanks again for the software and we are waiting for the rules.. are they similar to john the ripper rules?
Allright, run this on the maskprocessor (I'm in windows but it's the same for other platforms):

mp64.exe $?d > add1num.rule
mp64.exe $?d$?d > add2nums.rule
mp64.exe $?d$?d$?d > add3nums.rule
mp64.exe $?d$?d$?d$?d > add4nums.rule

You can use those generated files as rule file individually or combined them together in 1 file to do the whole attack.