Hashcat duplicates
How can I force oclhashcat to stop removing duplicates from hash file?
Lets say I have 3 identical hashes in hash list, in output file i'll find only 1 once it's cracked.
I don't want that, I want the same number of hashes in output file as in hash list.
Use --show afterwards.
(05-12-2016, 07:34 PM)epixoip Wrote: Use --show afterwards.

That and, don't use --remove
I guess i'm still doing something wrong. I can't use option "-o" with --show so I don't have any output, how to deal with that?
Also, I can't use option --remove with --show, does it mean that cracked hashes will still remain in hashes file? If I'll run hashcat with different settings, for example another rules, same hashes will be processed again even though they are already cracked?

This is how I'm trying to run it:

oclHashcat64.exe -m 0 -a 0 -r rules/best64.rule hash/hash.txt wordlist/wordlist.txt -o cracked.txt --remove --show

but as you already said i can't use --remove with --show.

My goal is, as I already mention in first post, to have the same number of cracked hashes in output file as in hash list. If I have 4 same hashes in hash list they should be present 4 times cracked in cracked list. Once they are all cracked they should be removed from hash list.

Appreciate all suggestions :)
you can still use --remove, but you really need to know what you are doing... i.e. you need to use --show with the original list not the "left" list (hence: just use the original copy of the hash list with --show)

The most important part here is that you understand that --show is a special flag and it is very important that you know that it is supposed to run only after the cracking process was completed.

This means, your command would look like this (2-fold).
1. command (cracking hashes with the list that you want to remove):
oclHashcat64.exe -m 0 -a 0 -r rules/best64.rule --remove -o cracked.txt hash/hash_this_is_the_list_that_doesnt_contain_all_hashes.txt wordlist/wordlist.txt
2. command (with the original hash list):
oclHashcat64.exe -m 0 --show -o output_of_show.txt hash/hash_this_is_the_original_hashlist.txt

Note: this is very well explained here: https://hashcat.net/wiki/frequently_aske...ilpassword ... like many other topics and frequently asked question (consider reading it!)