Generate dictionnary from known words in lost password

I've lost my password from an old TrueCrypt volume. It's 40 to 60 characters from words I know (all of them) and a few separators. I tried to put these words and the separators in a dictionary file like this:

Let's say my password is TrueCrypt;Lost;PWD

My dict.txt looks like:

But of course, doesn't work like that apparently.

Tried all variants of:
oclHashcat64.exe -m 6222 -a 0 "" "dict.txt"

With different modes, but apparently I need to generate a dictionary with all possible passwords generated from my words list? Sounds trivial for any dev, but I'm no dev at all :/

Any help would be much appreciated
look at combinator.bin / combinator3.bin from hashcat-utils