Question regarding benchmark output
Good evening everybody,

I am looking at some hashcat benchmarks and i noticed that at the crypt function (e.g. md5crypt) it outputs the following

Hashtype: md5crypt, MD5(Unix), FreeBSD MD5, Cisco-IOS MD5

Workload: 1000 loops, 32 accel

Does the workload which is measured in loops have to do with the gpu-loops paramter or it means that we have 1000 ieterations of MD5 algorithm (i.e. MD5(MD5 ..... MD5(string) 1000s MD5s)?

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In this case both, since md5crypt has exactly 1000 iterations. However what you see is the -u setting
Thank you very much for yous answer.

So this applies in general i guess? So simple hash functions such as below also have iterations right (e.g. 256 in the below code).l

Hashtype: SHA384

Workload: 256 loops, 256 accel

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No, it's only for slow hashes
Great Thank you very much