hashcat v3.00 error
Well i tried Hashcat 3.0 and i have some serious problems to get it to work..

1. I cant run an benchmark see picture below cos it talking about ERROR: Insufficient memory available?? i SHOULD have enough to run.. thats just odd

2. Trying to run a single hash is resulted in a crash. also see below..

[Image: joPMYJK.png]

The "Tonga, 2880/3072 MB allocatable, 32MCU" Is the R9 NITRO 380x 4gb  (but it only recon 3gb for some reason)
The  "Bonaire, 1344/2048 MB allocatable, 14MCU" is the R7 260x OC 2gb

Driver is 15.10
OS Windows 8.1
8 gb memory
Please try again and add --gpu-temp-disable
no it did not work.. it still crashes within a second tho
OK it seems the problem is related to a broken OpenCL.dll. Friend of mine had the same problem. To solve it, do the following:

- Uninstall the AMD driver
- Reboot
- Manually remove opencl.dll and opencl32.dll from system32 and syswow64
- Reboot
- Install AMD driver 15.12 exactly
- Reboot