Outfile Formats and WPA(2)

I am wondering if there is a way to add the HCCAP filename when cracked ?

Currenlty I have :

Is there a way to print :
Quote:testfile.hccap : essid:01fxx7exxxx:exxxx844:password

I've payed around with --outfile-format  but can't find it.

There's atm no way to do it
I've scripted some post run functions.  Listing what hccap file, what script/method, dictionary, and success into a separate file.
I keep a separate text file of of the runs' info and a other of the passwords.  Then just grep them to find what I'm looking for.

PW file kooks like:
My WiFi                xx:xx:95:xx:e8:5f  f0:xx:75:0e:xx:26  420xxxxxxx

Run info looks like:

   script               capfile                Dictionary          result
 wparuletop1       mywifi.hccap              ./rockyou.txt         **Cracked**

I can post scripts if you want.  But they are linux (and probably work OK on a Mac) bash scripts.
(I'll just need to clean them up for general consumption)