rule to skip passwords with repeats
Was curious if it's possible to do a mask attack and use rules to skip passwords with repeat characters in the string. For example if using ?d?d?d?d a rule that would skip 0012 but not 1234 because of the 00. Would also skip 1332 and 1244(this is obviously a simplification of what I'm trying to accomplish). Reason for this being that a lot of isp's are using 12 digit all numeric passwords, but don't generate ones such as 000000000000. Would like to cut down the keyspace by skipping some of these unlikely passwords with multiple repeats. I wrote a script to generate only strings without the repeats, but piping them into hashcat slows the speed way down. Was looking for a faster method. I know on a 10 digit all numeric it cuts the keyspace from 10billion variations to 3874204890 so it's pretty significant. 12 digits are currently out of my reach with my card looking at 104+ days to get through the entire keyspace. Would like to make it look a little more possible.
Thanks in advance!
That's not what rules do. What you're looking for is maskprocessors -q option. Please use maskprocessor in combination with hashcat's stdin feature.
Thanks! I guess my script is just slow. I'm not getting the huge speed lose using this one.