oclHashcat-plus: resume after shutdown

i'd like to request a function for oclHashcat-plus to be able to resume a previous cracking process, similiar to the -s switch in hashcat.

(same goes out for oclHashcat, but as this one doesn't seem to get developed anymore in favor of oclHashcat-plus i did not mention it above.)

greez undeath
i know its an important feature but because of some of oclHashcat-plus optimizations that is not so easy to implement. currently i have no idea how but maybe in some time.... till that you have to do it manually, maybe be splitting your wordlists
will be great if u'll integrate this.
i found an easy way to resume wordlists without needing to split them. I described it on the wiki page:
nice idea!
Would the resume be easier if it were a "close enough" resume?

Personally, I wouldn't be at all bothered by the resume re-cracking several minutes or even a couple of hours worth of work that it had done before; I see its main purpose is saving us during the long multi-day attempts.
What about if you brute-forcing with masks. --pw-skip option would be handy.
Resume / Restore support added to latest oclHashcat-plus version. Thread closed.