Rx 480 Fails
Along with the reported gihub issue and the rx480+amdgpu-pro driver 16.30, I noticed some benchmark speeds that didn't make any sense, the rx480 beating the 1080 by 100kh on keepass no cant be,  figured as much the 480 didn't find test hash, a0 or a3. Also noticed issue with lm hashes, finds all in a0 , finds none in a3.  Both checks are with a fresh github build. havent checked any farther as of yet.  Seen other bench posted here https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-5557-post-29973.html#pid29973    with comments on how much faster rar3-hp is than nvidia wonder if that fails to find also

Also have no fan speed, clock, utilization, etc with pro.   Glad i only bought one to try out
I'll buy a rx480 as soon as there will be the first OEM versions out hopefully fix the 6pin power problem. Then I can try to workaround the bugs made by AMD.