Insufficient memory, md5 combo
Hello there, i have researched on the whole forum and wiki for this error, but i couldn't find something usefull for my problem.
I have a combo user:md5, and i use this command
hashcat64.exe -m 0 -o C:\hashcat-3.00\hashcat-3.00\cracked.txt --remove C:\hashcat-3.00\hashcat-3.00\hash.txt --username --outfile-format=2 C:\hashcat-3.00\hashcat-3.00\wordlists
I want the output to look like user:pass but, after a few seconds i get this error
[Image: ue19svE.png]
I have 8 gb ram, could run only with hashes, but with combo doesn't work...... Help please, thanks Smile
Try without --username, it takes alot of extra memory.
(07-20-2016, 10:07 AM)atom Wrote: Try without --username, it takes alot of extra memory.

If i'm doing without --username, i guess hashcat will take all user:hash as a single hash ... and give me errors for every single line
I can't run hashcat for username:hash? i just want the output to be username:pass... i have 131k user:hash
Sure, you need to remove the username first. Use "cut" to do that.