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I just installed the latest 16.30 amdgpu-pro driver on my Ubuntu 16.04 and it seems OpenCL support is back!

  Platform ID:                                   0x7f069f9448f8
  Name:                                          Hawaii
  Vendor:                                        Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
  Device OpenCL C version:                       OpenCL C 1.2 
  Driver version:                                2117.7 (VM)
  Profile:                                       FULL_PROFILE
  Version:                                       OpenCL 1.2 AMD-APP (2117.7)

root@sf:~/hashcat# ./hashcat -b -m 0
hashcat (v3.00-63-gc837df0) starting in benchmark-mode...

OpenCL Platform #1: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
- Device #1: Hawaii, 2862/4038 MB allocatable, 14MCU
- Device #2: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor, skipped

Hashtype: MD5

Speed.Dev.#1.: 11431.6 MH/s (95.77ms)

Started: Sat Jul 23 22:05:17 2016
Stopped: Sat Jul 23 22:05:19 2016 

Happy upgrading!
Some performance comparison 15.12 -> 16.30:

Here are some 16.30 and 16.7.2 impressions:
  • Driver versions 16.30 (linux) and 16.7.2 (windows) behave almost the same. The performance changes are almost identical and all the other impressions following is true for both
  • Has issue, especially with 64 bit based algorithms. It breaks with two Algorithm: 1800 (sha512crypt) and 10700 (PDF 1.7 Level 8 (Acrobat 10 - 11)), can't compile them.
  • Significant performance loss on some algorithms, mostly 64 bit based ones, see sheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...=294130123
  • ADL is completely not working. We have no fanspeed, utilization rate, temperature readings. also fanspeed control is not possible
  • On Linux, there's not even a commandline tool to do the readings
  • On Windows, Afterburner can magically access the data
  • The installation procedure of the 16.30 on linux is a bit buggy. Usually I disable i386 support with "dpkg --remove-architecture i386". But if you do that, the installation breaks during the installation. You need to re-enable it
Windows has Amd "Wattman" support for under/over voltage control, overclock, fan, temp built into the driver. Linux support was never intended, they are rumored to be possibly discussing open sourcing the wattman code or something of similar abilities down the road
What happend to ADL?