How to use mdxfind to remove hashes from word lists?
In our User Contribution section, people have posted about tools they've to remove hashes from word lists.

But I've seen references to using "MDXfind" to do the same.  Does anyone here know the syntax to use MDXfind as a tool to remove hashes from word lists?

(And, out of curiosity, how often are strings that look like hashes found to be actually real passwords, created by an actual human?)
No clue, maybe ask on their forums?
Even if I could get access to their forums, it would likely be dismissed as an off-topic and/or stupid question.

I was hoping for enough of an overlap of people to get an answer here.
Wait, why do you think such a "stupid question" is a non-stupid question if you ask it on this forum?
Because of what little I could find about it, what I am wanting to do with it is quite different from its intended usage.

Meanwhile, I asked ßlazer, who passed the message onto Fred Wang, the creator of MDXfind, who replied:

"MDXfind does not process word list in the fashion you suggest."

So now I know that what I thought might be a possible use, isn't.