Xeon Phi
Got a few Knights Landing 3120As on deep discount from ebay. Gonna set them up this weekend and try them out under openCL mode, then see if I can compile from source for native execution. I'll post my results when/if I get it working Smile
Good luck! Interested to see your results.
Any news on this?
Still curious to see how this turned out.
Mate we would all love some of them just for testing, even myself owning a beowulf cluster and big.data compute..

even secondhand ex-dell server used models on ebay are £500 GBP plus, per card, now I know thats roughly the same price as a 1080 or something, but trust me, you can bang a couple of 1080s in a computer and just roll away computing data to you're hearts delight..

on the otherhand with Phi, their is a linux OS onboard running the show, regardless if you are using windows or whatever on the box you currently have.. (well I should really say kernel) but you get what I mean.. Now no worries there either right? and still not allot of bother, but if you really want to get some serious compute out of these you are going to be doing some real coding to enhance most and if not all of everything you to to take usage of them lovely phi cores sadly..

Honestly the Phi is a beast in the right users hand, so the cost..
I would like nothing more then to see the look on your face with ten of these cards in your box mate, regardless of the money spent, even I would be happy for you..

Their just hard to handle and need a tight lead on them because they can get out of control sometimes! Stick with graphics card based tech for now mate and in a few years intel might bring out something a little easier for everyone to play around with on the HPCC front Big Grin