[all versions] generic salt handler

I might not the first one to have had this thought, but a nice feature for all versions of hashcat would be to have a generic salt handler that allows appending/prepending a salt to every supported hash algorithm, not just the few ones with hardcoded salt support.

With such a feature hashcat would in general become way more useful if dealing with "not so standard" hashes which appear every now and then.

This way hashcat would even be able to handle e.g. salted sha256 or md4 hashes without the need to have an extra implementation for this.

I'm aware of this might affecting performance of cracking salted hashes because of not specifically optimized routines but at least hashcat would be able to handle any $salt.$pass and $pass.$salt hash.

Would really be cool to have hashcat support such a thing! Smile

greez Undeath
this sounds easy, but it is to complex. with hashcat cpu and -plus however you can achieve this by using rules.
i know this can be archived with rules, but only on a per-salt basis. Lists with different salts are hard to cover.
Done with oclHashcat-plus v0.09: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-1541.html

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