Need Assistance
How do I begin using this? Numbered questions follow:

(1) Which of the 2 options, binaries or sources (or both), do I download? I'm cracking Windows 8.

(2) Are these zip files? Once downloaded, do they need to be unzipped before transferring to CD?

(3) Once transferred to disk, what is the next step? Where on the computer do I run this program?

(4) The password I'm trying to crack may be a current Microsoft account password. Will this program be able to run under that condition?

Thanks for your patience,

at least look into

1, run the one that ur os is, 64bit or 32bit....
2, u have to extract it into ur hdd
4, (depend on the hash itself...)
So, I'm downloading both the "binaries" and "sources" files to my hhd? Do they need to be unzipped before transferring to CD?
what do u mean by CD?!

u need extract everything that u got from the zip file to the hdd , i already wrote that.

i think the better way to start hashcat if u dont want or cant read is to look for a youtube video..
just search "hashcat" in youtube.